"official", Beppu Ryokan, Yumoto Miyoshi

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Why do not you try greedy with hot spring drinking and bathing?

Yumoto Miyoshi will offer a real hot spring.To those who are genuinely oriented on hot springs ...

Beppu has many inns and hotels, but Beppu Ryokan, Yumoto Miyoshi is the third generation old-fashioned hot spring inn.

We are preparing a real hot spring of good bathing good drinking as a hot spring inn.


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Beppu Ryokan, Yumoto Miyoshi


6 kumi Kannawa Kami, Beppu City, Oita Prefecture

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Get off at JR Beppu Station 35 minutes by bus to for Kannawa/Get off Oita Expressway Beppu IC, Kannawa Hot Springs Entrance traffic light turn left
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Sightseeing Spots

  • 5 minutes on foot to hell

    The hotel is located in the middle of "touring the hells" and it is about 5 minutes on foot to near hell.

    It is very convenient for sightseeing to "touring the hells".

Beppu Mimi hot spring water

  • ■Mimi hot spring water■

    Mineral rich drinking hot spring water from Yumoto Miyoshi was born as a plastic bottle.

    The hot spring water from the hotel! Please relish★

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