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Sightseeing Spots

5 minutes on foot to hell

The hotel is located in the middle of "touring the hells" and it is about 5 minutes on foot to near hell.It is very convenient for sightseeing to "touring the hells".

  • Blood pond hell

    Blood pond hell is the oldest natural hell in Japan, in short, it is "a pond of red heat mud".
    A red heat mud containing Oxidized Iron Oxidized Magnesium, etc., which has caused chemical reaction naturally under high temperature and high pressure in the basement spews out from the formation and accumulates, so the entire surface of the pond will become red.
  • Tornado Hell

    A geyser designated as a natural treasure in Beppu City is a Tornado Hell.Hot water spouting outstandingly is stopped by the roof, but it has the power to spout as much as 50 m.
  • Oniyama Jigoku

    Oniyama Jigoku is also called "Wani jigoku".In the 12th year of Taisho in Japan, I used hot spring fever for the first time in Japan and started crocodile breeding.

    Currently, crocodiles, alligators and other crocodiles around the world are bred.
  • Shiraike Jigoku

    Blowing hot water is colorless and transparent, and when it falls into the pond, the color changes pale.

    Also, in Shiraike Jigoku there is a tropical fish hall using hot spring fever, and you can see various rare tropical fish such as piranha, human eating fish inhabiting the Amazon.
  • Kamado Jigoku

    One of Beppu Jigoku Meguri Spots Kamado Jigoku, a hot spring with spring fountain springs with fumarold.
    From the ancient times to the great festival of Shogun Kamado Hachimangu Shrine of the Shogun, the origin of the name was cooking your meals with the fumarol of hell.There are various kinds of hot water ponds up to 1 - 6 - chome Kamado Jigoku.
  • Yama Jigoku

    This name came from the fact that fumaroo and fumarose are rising from everywhere in the mountain.
    About 20 kinds of animals such as hippopotamus, monkey, flamingo, African elephant, etc. raised using hot spring heat are plenty of charm and heal you so much that you do not get tired of watching forever.
  • Sea Hell

    Beppu biggest Sea Hell of Beppu hell is the color of cobalt blue, which is the beauty that is not suitable for hell.The blue color of the pond is because the iron sulfate which is a component in the hot spring is dissolved.
  • Onishibouzu Jigoku

    It seems that it started to be called "Onishibouzu Jigoku" because the appearance of gray heat mud boiling is like a shaved head.The place is next to the Sea Hell.There is also "footbath" in the facility.